Are you thinking of switching to a propane washer/dryer unit or propane dryer? Whether you buy a brand-new appliance or convert your current appliances, there are some notable benefits and considerations to keep in mind.

Collett Propane will be happy to try and help with any decisions you are making regarding the use of propane in your home. 

Going Green with Laundry: Environmental Benefits 

Propane is a clean, sustainable fuel source and is better for the environment than electricity. Depending on the model, propane dryers can produce up to 42% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric dryers. 

Cost Benefits and Energy Usage

Electric washers and dryers are slightly less expensive than propane washer and dryers, but they’re usually used more often and might not last as long. Since propane appliances tend to run hotter than electric ones, your clothes will dry faster, which saves energy, and you won’t need to run the washer or dryer as often. According to the US Department of Energy, propane appliances cost about 50% less to operate.


If you’re planning to install the propane washer and dryer yourself, safety first – shut off the gas and power lines. Check to make sure that the vent holes between your laundry room and appliances match. Once the installation is complete, check for leaks and clean up to make sure there are no spills.

Safety When Using Propane Indoors

When you’re using any propane appliance indoors, it’s important to ensure adequate ventilation and to check for gas leaks after any new installation. To ventilate the room properly, use at least one fan to circulate the air out of the room and if possible, open windows on opposite sides of the room to create a cross-breeze. 

To make sure your propane appliances operate properly and don’t overheat, keep them at least three inches from the wall and make sure they don’t tip.

To check for gas leaks on your propane washer or propane dryer, mix liquid dish soap and water in a 50-50 solution, put it on the new gas connections, and turn the gas on. If you see it start to bubble up, this means there’s a leak.

Professional Consultation

If you’re unsure of any of these steps, it’s best to hire a professional. Depending on your needs, they can deliver the appliances and install them for you.

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