It is always a bad day at the office when you run out of propane when cooking out for friends and family, and when the burgers or steaks are half way done. It always seems to happen when you have a large gathering and there is no way to refill you grill tank because everything is closed.

So let’s talk about two different ways to check your tank before you start grilling and save yourself all of that aggravation. 

  1. Bathroom scale: This is the most effective way to tell what is left in your gas grill tank. Most gas grill cylinders weigh between 17-18 LBS. Take the scale and place it next to your gas grill on a level floor. Make sure your gas grill tank is SHUT OFF! Then disconnect your tank and place it on your bathroom scale, remember your tank weighs about 18 LBS. Subtract 18 from whatever your tank weighs. For example, your tank weighs 30 lbs., subtract 18 from 30 and you have 12 LBS. of propane left in your tank or just over half a tank.
  2. The second way to check your tank prior to grilling is to take hot water (not boiling) and pour it on one side of the tank and then run your hand down the side of the tank with the water on it. When you fill the tank it should start to get colder as you move down it. When you find the transition point from warm to cold this is the approximate level of propane left in the gas tank.

Remember to always check for leaks before you start grilling it is never a waste of time. Use the spray bottle with some soap and water in it to check for bubbles which would indicate a leak. If that should happen turn off the tank immediately and move away from the tank.

Collett is open for grill tank fills Monday thru Friday 8AM until 4PM. Remember $10.00 Tuesday when we fill all gas grill tanks for $10.00. We look forward to seeing you for all of your propane needs.

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