Propane has a long shelf life and is relatively easy to store. But it is important to know how to store it properly to keep your family and home safe. Whether you are storing your propane tanks inside or outside, here are a few safety tips.

Storing Propane Tanks Outdoors

If you want to store propane outdoors, make sure to choose a spot that is away from your home. Freezing temperatures are not a problem for propane. Storing a propane tank outdoors in the winter is just fine. Whether you cover your tank while storing it for the winter is up to you.

When storing a propane tank outside during the heat of the summer, you will want to keep the tank in a shaded area where it will not be under direct light. It is important that the tank does not exceed 120 °F (49 °C).

Also, make sure you place the tank on a sturdy surface, like a piece of wood. This will keep it from toppling on its side.

Storing Propane Tanks Indoors

It is important to have the correct setting, should you choose to store propane tank indoors.  Do not store the tank in your living area or in a room that is directly attached to common living spaces. Storing the propane tank in a garage or a detached shed is a good place. The tank will be protected from direct sunlight and will be situated in a well-ventilated area. But make sure there are no electrical tools or flammable materials in the general area.


  • Never store the propane tank in an area with temperatures above 120 °F (49 °C).
  • Do not store the tank in direct sunlight.
  • Do not store the tank on its side or upside down.
  • Ensure the gas valve is in the OFF position when storing the tank.

When handled correctly and with care, propane is one of the most versatile and safe fuel sources. An increasing number of homes have started to use propane for hot water, cooking, and electricity. Following these tips for proper propane tank storage is crucial in keeping your family and home safe!

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