Propane has many uses in the home, whether indoors or outdoors. From grills to washers and dryers, it’s an efficient and sustainable energy source. So what do you do when your propane runs out? You might be able to get your propane tank refilled through our services, but if your needs have changed and you want a bigger or smaller tank, you’ll need to dispose of your old propane tank and get a new one. 

Household Hazardous Waste

Propane is considered a Household Hazardous Waste, so it must be disposed of safely even if the propane cylinder or bottle is small enough to put in a trash can. According to the EPA, Household Hazardous Waste is anything which could catch fire or cause some sort of dangerous reaction, such as an explosion. 

For example, batteries are considered HHW because they’re corrosive and might explode. Some Chemicals such as paint thinners or pesticides might contain hazardous ingredients which are flammable or toxic, so they’re  also considered HHW. 

Smaller Propane Tanks, Cylinders, and Bottles

Depending on the size of your old propane tank, there are a few options for safe disposal, exchange, or reuse. Some recycling and disposal regulations will vary state to state. Depending on these regulations, some stores might exchange or recycle your propane containers for you, such as Walmart or Home Depot. It’s best to call ahead of time and ask them.

Large Propane Tank Disposal

If you need to dispose of a large propane tank, you should call a licensed propane company so they can make sure there’s no propane left in the tank and use the right tools to safely remove the tank. 

Exchanging, Recycling, or Donating Your Propane Tank

Some stores will exchange your empty propane tank for a full one or recycle it for you. It’s possible to donate a partially filled propane tank to a company who needs it, but make sure you’re following proper storage guidelines when doing so. 

Scrap Metal

If these options are not available to you, you can find a scrap metal yard and see if your empty propane tank can be used as scrap metal. As with other disposal and recycling services, be sure to call ahead and make sure they’re able to take it.

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