For many of us, wintertime means keeping our homes warm safe from the cold outside. The cold temperature tends to stick around for a few months. To ensure our homes are well-heated, it is essential to keep our outdoor propane tank in top shape so we can stay cozy for the long haul. A little bit of care and prevention goes a long way to making sure your propane tank is ready for the cold winter environment.

Here are five things you can do for your outdoor propane tank this winter:

1. Keep Propane in Your Tank

In cold weather, it becomes difficult for a propane tank to maintain optimal pressure levels. Keeping the tank at least half full during the winter months is a good practice to follow. This keeps the gas from vaporizing as the temperature drops.

2. Insulate Your Propane Tank

You can prevent pressure problems and keep the tank from freezing by insulating your tank with an approved propane tank heating blanket. There are several to choose from. Collett can help you find one. Do not use a space heater, hot water, or a blowtorch as it can lead to fire hazards!

3. Service Your Propane Tank

As the winter months approach, make sure you schedule an appointment with a service technician to have your propane tank inspected and serviced. It would be best if you did this every year to make sure the tank is running efficiently.

4. Remove Ice or Snow Immediately After a Storm

Be sure to remove ice or snow immediately after a winter storm. Use a soft broom when clearing the tank. Using a metal or plastic scrap could damage the propane tank and create a potential hazard. Do not use a snowblower.

5. Mark the Location of Your Tank

Having a snow- or ice-covered tank is rarely good news. If clearing it off immediately is not possible, you should at least mark the location of your tank with something like a pole, flag, or stake. This prevents you from accidentally shoveling or snow-blowing onto the propane tank.


As wintertime rolls in, you are likely to use the propane tank more to keep your home warm. To avoid any troubles and enjoy the warmth of your home throughout the winter, keep these five tips in mind, so your propane tank can function effectively and efficiently.

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