Collett Power Washing

Collett Services is excited to announce the addition of power washing services to our product offerings! Let power washing transform your home or business, sidewalk, decks, tractors and industrial equipment and more today!

Benefits of our Power Washing Process Include:

  • Increase curb appeal of your home and/or business. Clean homes are a source of pride, while clean businesses are more appealing to customers.

  • Help prevent repairs and promotes a healthy environment. Algae, dirt, bird droppings, and mold are more than just ugly! They can cause unnecessary deterioration of surfaces and be a potential health hazard. Routine cleaning helps extend the life and reduce the amount of contaminants on your structures.

  • Works on most every surface. Environmentally friendly chemicals safely clean all your exterior surfaces – Brick, vinyl, decks, concrete, and more!

Contact our office by phone (937-372-9194), email to arrange for a site evaluation or Request an Estimate.

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