Winter has been brutal! It is time to start thinking about how we are going to keep your driveway intact with a few tips for your consideration. We have been in the asphalt business since 2002 and have learned a few things. First thing is, WATER ALWAYS WINS!! We always have to deal with the water first before it freezes and starts to damage your driveway.


The first thing you can do make sure your driveway has a long life is to take care of minor cracks while they are still small. Cracks over time become larger over time so by sealing these cracks as soon as you notice them you can prevent minor cracks from becoming a larger issue.  It is not too late to do repairs on driveways. We are doing crack seal and Infrared driveway repairs thru November.


  You should remove the snow as soon as possible once the snow has begun. The longer it stays on the driveway the freezing and thawing will increase the opportunities for cracks to start.   Please do not use a metal shovel as this will only crack your driveway. Use a plastic shovel instead to keep the integrity of the driveway.


Salt is used traditionally for melting the snow and ice off a driveway. It can be one of the worse things that you can put on a driveway. Rock salt in particular is extremely harsh on driveways. It has a particular corrosive nature that can cause major cracks and weak spots on your driveway. There are alternatives to consider such as Kitty Litter, sand, potassium chloride to help provide traction and melting of snow and ice.


Water always wins. If you have water sitting on your driveway you’re going to develop cracks and soft spots on your driveway, as well as potential danger spots for you and your visitors to slip and fall. You have to fix your drainage issues including moving your downspouts and drains form running directly on your driveway.

If you should have any questions or concerns for your driveways or parking lots, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Lavelle office 937-372-9194

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