You may have noticed that driveways and parking areas get sealcoated every couple of years. Ever wondered what goes into making that decision? With the size of some parking lots, I seems like an overwhelming task. A sealcoating project can take a whole day, including drying time.

Often, one of the most concerning factors to consider is how much it costs to get a sealcoating project completed. Sealcoating a parking lot or driveway is very important so you don’t want to trade bargain for quality.

But, there are several ways you can cut costs of a sealcoating project by avoiding some common mistakes.

Tips to Avoid These Sealcoating Mistakes

  1. Fill Cracks First
    Do not depend on the sealer to fill gaps and cracks; you will need to fill them out properly before applying the sealer.
  2. Thoroughly Clean the Surface Areas First
    Failure to clean the parking lot before applying the sealer is a major mistake. Once you apply it, the sealer won’t stick to any spot that is dirty.
  3. Mix Well
    If you do not stir the water and sealant solids properly, you will not get the optimal sealcoat mixture.
  4. Use the Right Tools
    If you use the wrong applicator, you will waste money. Use the applicator that the manufacturer recommends.
  5. Plan Properly
    Always check the weather before you start sealing; you don’t want it to rain right after you are done with sealcoating.


These are some of the common mistakes that are made when tackling a sealcoating project. Collett Sealcoating has the experience to avoid these and many more possible miscues that could occur during a sealcoating project.

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