If your driveway has just been sealcoated for the first time, you might be wondering when you’ll have to redo it. The general recommendation is every two to three years, but there are a few factors which affect how often you should sealcoat your driveway. 

Geography and Climate

Where do you live and what’s the climate like? 

If you live in a warm, humid climate with a lot of rain, the humidity and moisture can cause cracks in the asphalt, so you might need to sealcoat your driveway more often than every three years depending on weather patterns. Fortunately, sealcoating protects driveways from UV rays, so sun exposure is not a concern.

If you live in an area where the winters are harsh and there’s a lot of snow, sleet, ice, and hail, you should watch your driveway closely for any cracks, buckling, or other signs of extreme wear. Not only does cold weather itself affect sealcoating’s durability as it’s drying, but weather fluctuations and melting snow and ice cause the asphalt to constantly expand and contract. Eventually, the asphalt might get cracks in it due to this stress. Additionally, plows can put stress on the asphalt and any salt or other materials used to melt ice can cause additional wear.

Sealcoating Materials Used

Find out what kinds of sealcoating materials were used for your driveway, as some will wear faster than others depending on weather and traffic conditions. If it’s water-based, you might need to sealcoat more often than every two or three years.Typically, durable sealcoating material contains silica sand as an aggregate, which provides additional texture and traction when the mixture dries.

Traffic and Typical Use

If your driveway is residential and a part of your home property, to a degree, it’s up to you as to how often you want to refresh your sealcoating. However, if you have young kids who like to run around a lot outside on the driveway, or pets which walk over it, you might want to sealcoat more often. Additionally, if you own more than one car or if your car has any oil leaks, which can wear away the asphalt over time.

For commercial driveways or parking lots, consider how much traffic you get and the nature of your business. If you know you’ll have a lot of employees driving to work and parking in the driveway or parking lot, this will affect the longevity of your sealcoating job too. 

Commercial Driveways

Is your sealcoated driveway a commercial driveway? From visual appeal to company budgets, you might want to sealcoat more often. However, you should wait at least six months before applying a new coat. 

Many companies will do a free evaluation and a walk-through for your business to help you determine if your driveway needs to be sealcoated. If you’re unsure, you can contact us to arrange an evaluation.

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