The first point of contact that your customers have with your business is your parking lot. A well-maintained, evenly paved, and clean parking lot assures that you value your clients and appreciate their association with your company.

Sealcoating is an essential part of parking lot maintenance. You must choose the ideal practices for sealcoating, including when to sealcoat, the right sealcoat selection, and learning how sealcoating works. Consider the following tips when making your sealcoating decisions:

  1. First things first – You will need to learn how sealcoating works. It is optimal to understand that sealcoating is the protective barrier that saves your parking lot from destructive elements, including UV rays, gasoline, wind, oils, etc.

    The Collett sealcoating website provides value information to help you make more informed decisions about caring for your parking lot.
  2. Secondly – Choose best sealcoating material. There are three types of sealcoating materials: specialty resins, refined tar-based sealcoating, and asphalt emulsion-based.
    1. Refined tar-based sealcoating is made up of refined coat tar produced when coal is converted to coke for metallurgy.
    1. Specialty resin has performance properties similar to RTS. It is produced as per the specific needs of each customer.
    1. Asphalt emulsion-based sealcoating is made using petroleum. It is usually made from pre-emulsified asphalt or hot asphalt.
  3. Last but not Least – Know how often you must sealcoat your parking lot. The optimal time to repeat the sealcoating of your parking lot is one or two years after the first application. After that, repeating the process every three to four years assures the protection you need. The number of years is usually determined by the number of coatings done by your contractor.


Best practices start with learning how sealcoating works, select the best sealant, and repeat the process on scheduled intervals. To ensure that your parking lot remains in its best condition, please contact your Collett Sealcoating representative. We can help maintain the look and condition of your parking lot for years to come.

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