If you own or manage commercial parking, or even just your asphalt driveway, you know that winter is arguably the most frustrating time of year. Between shoveling and salting, or the risk of warping and cracks, mother nature can create major headaches during the coldest months of the year.

There are a few ways to make sure your parking area is protected this winter. Follow these proactive tips to ensure your driveway or parking lot stays safe, no matter how bad the weather gets!

1. Create a Snow Removal Plan

Heavy snow can lead to major melting and refreezing that will warp your asphalt, create cracks, or worsen existing ones. Snow removal isn’t just critical for cars, but for the health and longevity of your parking area.

Make sure what member of the team will coordinate snow removal. Make sure you have adequate equipment or coordinate with a snowplow driver ahead of time.

Most importantly, select where you will pile your snow carefully. Snow piles can take on extra moisture and get heavy in a hurry. This could exacerbate the above. Likewise, the water could pool even worse and really create some issues.

Make sure you decide the best place for excess snow and communicate clearly with whoever will be tasked with removing it. Otherwise, you could be left with an expensive problem in the spring.

2. Keep Your Parking Area Clean

Amid the everyday challenges of running your business, it’s easy to let some of the outdoor maintenance fall by the wayside. This is especially true during winter months.

That said, keeping your parking lot clear of debris is critical. Even small pebbles or rocks can create nasty issues if they get caught under a snowplow or even a snow shovel.

Ahead of the winter months and between storms, it’s essential you make sure your parking area is clear of debris.

3. Get Proactive

One of the best ways to protect your parking area is with sealcoating. By choosing to sealcoat your parking lot or area, you can keep mother nature at bay.

Sealcoating can also be helpful against UV damage, vehicle damage, or anything else that might prove problematic. By selecting the right sealcoating service provider, you can extend the life of your parking area and relax this winter.

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